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Customs & Insurance

We highly efficient customs brokerage, clearance and compliance service which is designed to take the complexity out of the customs process in Thailand. Supertrans Logistics working with the main international insurance companies,such as PICC,PINGAN to ensures that your freight is covered against any unfortunate circumstance during transportation.

Shipping from Thailand is a complex challenge to importers worldwide, especially the part of customs declaration/clearance.However,work with us, you don't have to face these local issues in Thailand alone,you can free yourself from dealing with Thailand's customs document and clearance and focus on managing your core operations. We understand the importance of customs brokerage in getting your products to their destination efficiently.We employ dedicated professionals at major cities/seaports in Thailand who have multi-lingual capability and a clear understanding of the intricacies of trade regulations and agreements at global, regional, national and local levels.

To ensure the complete security of your goods, even in challenging environments, our personnel serve as the first point of contact with both custom authorities and receiving customers. This allows us to provide re-assuring guidance and expert advice on matters relating to customs.
Our insurance brokerage service is specially customised to meet your insurance requirements, whether you choose to insure a single shipment or secure an open policy coverage. We further insure matters relating to supply chain risk assessment specifically and also devise suitable and precise risk treatment proposals including insurance.

In the event of loss, damage or theft, customers may report instantly through our online incident report system and obtain the first available advice from our claim handling team. As a general rule, compensation is normally bound by "limitation of liability" in carriage contracts. Our licensed brokerage consultant team is capable of customising an insurance program in your context to obtain optimum compensation. In insuring your goods, Supertrans Logistics strives to offer the maximum possible coverage at cost-effective rates.